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Welcome to Knol Farms
Since its inception, Knol Farms Limited has been in the business of frozen fruit processing. The company is a locally owned and operated firm.  The Swan Family purchased Knol Farms in 2007 and with many years experience they plan to expand by continually developing new products.  Located in the heart of the Maritimes near Oxford, Nova Scotia, Canada, in the River Philip Valley, Knol Farms is ideally situated for both the processing and shipping of top quality, grade A frozen fruit.

Knol Farms has continually been a leader in the industry and was one of the first companies in the Atlantic Provinces to achieve HACCP certification. HACCP is the worldwide industry standard for food safety and represents a pro-active approach to producing a quality product in which the consumer can have the utmost confidence.

With our Research and Development Technician we continue to make great strides in improving the processes of planting, harvesting and processing of our products. Food safety and ergonomic methods are continually being tested and improved upon.

Knol Farms currently supply to three major groups of customers – retail, food service, and food processing companies. We also do custom packaging to meet our customers needs. Continuing to move forward we process and pack most varieties of fruits and berries in various sizes of containers and bags.

The personable service and superior quality of Knol Farms products are the reasons our customers give us repeat business. Flexibility and superior quality are synonymous with the Knol Farms name. After all we are “The supplier that understands and responds to customers needs the best”.

Coming Soon a new line of Jams and Pickles



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